Welcome to the LoCALL platform
for game co-creation.
This tool allows students and teachers with no programming skills to collaboratively create multiple-choice questions, points of interest and paths related to a city's linguistic landscape (LL) to promote cultural and language awareness, amongst other learning goals.
The games can be played using the LoCALL app, which is free to download from this link (Android) or this link (IOS). Users just need to select the language they wish from the drop-down menu, then choose a game to play and start learning. 
If you are a teacher, you can register here to join the LoCALL community for game co-creation. After confirmation from the LoCALL team, you and your students can start creating new games on LL in your city! 
Do you want to know more about LoCALL project? Please check our website: https://locallproject.eu/